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#HEARtheMUSIC Project Supports America’s Veterans

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Military Service, News, Veterans by Dr. Michele Schultz, Au.D.

Ask anyone to name the professions in which hearing loss poses a profound threat and it might take a while before someone names the military. In fact, veterans are one of the leading populations susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss as a result of their profession. Recently, a Nashville-based organization, Songs for Sound, helped to address this …

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10 Ways to Lower Your Dementia Risk

In Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Hearing Loss Related Disease, Hearing Testing, Mental Health by Dr. Michele Schultz, Au.D.

This September marks the 7th annual World Alzheimer’s Month, an international campaign which was designed to increase awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds this common, life-altering disease. Dementia affects people across all social, economic and ethnic boundaries, and recent estimates state that there are roughly 44 million people worldwide who are suffering from Alzheimer’s …

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Talking about Hearing Loss: Why Your Disclosure Method Matters

In Communication, Family & Relationships, Hearing Loss, Tips & Tricks by Dr. Michele Schultz, Au.D.

Telling others that you have hearing loss can be hard. For some people it can feel like a sign of weakness or aging, while other people feel like it is intensely personal and private information. Disclosing your hearing loss does have distinct advantages however, and can help shape accommodations and make conversations and communication easier. …